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Full Service Employment Law Firm Serving Florida for Over 45 Years

GOODZ & TUSCHMAN, PLLC is a full-service employment law firm founded by partners Jeffrey M. Goodz and Richard D. Tuschman. Mr. Goodz and Mr. Tuschman have been practicing employment law in Florida and beyond for better than 45 years combined. G&T was founded upon the principle that the employment laws were intended to protect both employees and employers (of all sizes). Effective employment law counsel should not, therefore, be limited to one side or the other, and should not depend on an individual’s ability to pay or a company’s ability to afford insurance coverage. G&T is accordingly pleased to represent employees and employers of all sizes whose circumstances require and warrant experienced employment law counsel and representation.

Jeffrey M. Goodz and Richard D. Tuschman began practicing employment law in 1992 and 1991, respectively. Their careers followed similar paths. Both began their careers representing employers exclusively, and spent the better part of their careers doing so. During that time, however, both lawyers recognized that while many employers comply with the requirements of law, many do not. And in such circumstances, individual employees are as deserving of effective and experienced employment law counsel as compliant employers whose decisions are based on legitimate reasons. Jeffrey M. Goodz accordingly began representing employees on a contingency fee basis in 2003. He was privileged to be joined in that effort by his partner Richard D. Tuschman in 2015.

In addition, during the course of their careers, both lawyers recognized an increase in the number of employers obtaining insurance coverage for employment law claims, for those fortunate enough to afford it. Many employers still lack such insurance coverage, however. Given their experience in handling employment law matters, G&T is able to defend such employers effectively and efficiently and charge fees lower than those charged by attorneys appointed by insurance companies, many of whom are not well-versed in employment law.

G&T also has experience assisting employees and employers to avoid employment lawsuits to begin with, by providing counseling and drafting documents which detail the expectations of both employees and employers. Such documents include employee handbooks, non-compete agreements, non-solicitation agreements, confidentiality agreements, employment agreements, independent contractor agreements, and separation agreements and releases. G&T also conducts workplace audits to ensure employers’ compliance with federal, state and local employment laws.

G&T delivers steady, deliberate, and measured employment law advocacy and consultation. We invite you to explore our website and make an appointment or submit an inquiry to determine for yourself if we can be of assistance.